About Us

Dr. Ed Bennett
Dr. Edward Bennett,
Executive Director of the
GP Lens Institute

The GP Lens Institute (GPLI) is the educational division of the Contact Lens Manufacturers Association (CLMA). The GPLI is dedicated to providing practitioners with educational and practice-building resources to enable them to fully benefit from the many advantages of GP (oxygen permeable) and custom specialty soft contact lenses.

The RGPLI, renamed GPLI, was founded in the fall of 1985 when a small, independent group of practitioners and industry representatives met to discuss the need for GP education. Initially the Institute sponsored GP seminars at several professional meetings. From this modest beginning, the work of the GPLI has grown to also include an extensive schools workshop program, monthly online webinars, an array of educational and practice-building materials for practitioners, and a bimonthly newsletter, among other endeavors.

GPLI’s efforts are led by its Executive Director, Dr. Edward Bennett, the Assistant Dean for Student Services and Alumni Relations at the University of Missouri School of Optometry.

Who Is the Contact Lens Manufacturers Association?

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The Contact Lens Manufacturers Association (CLMA) is the professional association of laboratories, material, solution and equipment manufacturers in the United States and abroad. Organized in 1961, the CLMA expanded its mission in 1985 to include the GPLI.

The mission of the CLMA is to increase awareness and utilization of custom manufactured contact lenses. The association has built a solid record of success in its work to strengthen its members’ impact on the