Spherical GP Lenses – FAQ 4

Poor (Acquired) Visual Acuity?


Poor surface wettability, lens warpage, oily mucus-like tear layer. Others?


  • See Spherical GP Lenses FAQ 3 for treatment of poor surface wettability.
  • If lens is warped (via radiuscope) advise patient to clean carefully in the palm of the hand (not between the fingers). In addition, if the lens material is a hyperpermeable GP, a lower-Dk, more rigid F-S/A material can be used.

Useful References


GP Lens Institute Advisory Committee members: Bruce Anderson OD, Marlane Brown OD, Carmen Castellano OD, Walter Choate OD, S. Barry Eiden OD, John Laurent OD, PhD, Derek Louie, OD, MS, Joe Shovlin OD, Frank Weinstock MD, Bruce Williams OD.