Keratoconus / Post-Surgical Tools and Resources


Contact Lens Clinical Pocket Guide
Helpful for fitting or evaluating patients; view as a smart phone-ready PDF or order a printed copy.


  1. What Design Should I Use for My Keratoconic Patient?
  2. How Should I Approach the Fitting of My Post-Penetrating Keratoplasty Patient?
  3. How Should I Approach the Fitting of My Post-Refractive Surgery Patient?

GP Lecture Series [Videos]
These lectures include auto-play slides with an accompanying audio track.

GP Lens Management Guide
Provides management options for common GP-related problems or conditions for spherical, highly astigmatic, presbyopic and keratoconic patients.

Grand Rounds Troubleshooting Guide
Assists in troubleshooting spherical, multifocal, high astigmatism, KC, irregular cornea, post-surgical and corneal reshaping fits.

Vertex and Diopters-to-Base-Curve Conversion Charts
A web-page version of the useful charts that appear in the Contact Lens Clinical Pocket Guide.