Resources Your Laboratory Consultant Can Provide

What resources are provided by a CLMA member laboratory?

“Many of the best resources for any CLMA member laboratory to help with design selection, fitting, and problem-solving are available through the laboratory website. Many laboratories have calculators to help with determining designs. In addition, it is quite common for laboratories to provide webinars on their new designs and their applications. These are often available — in addition to other resources pertaining to parameter availability, fitting, and problem-solving — on the website.” (Erik Anderson, Art Optical)

“The GP Lens Institute website is the most comprehensive educational resource on all GP and custom soft lenses, and we encourage practitioners to go to this site. In addition, Bausch + Lomb has several excellent comprehensive and contemporary publications on scleral lenses, corneal reshaping, presbyopia, and keratoconus. Also, we have an online video tour through our laboratory to show practitioners step-by-step how GP lenses are manufactured.” (Janice Adams, Valley Contax)

“Our consultants can provide a practice with fitting techniques and experience with very complicated fittings well beyond what a practitioner would have normally been exposed to. This relates to a higher success rate and less chair time.” (Jeff Birk, Essilor)

“Fitting guides, phone consultation, email consultation, fitting sets (both purchased and loaners), care system information, troubleshooting on difficult fits — and much more.” (Jim Slightom, ABB Concise)

“Most labs have websites that include fitting guides and video presentations of their unique designs, as well as information on material and solution properties and availability. We are also available for in-office workshops.” (George Mera, TruForm Optics)

“The GP Lens Institute provides online webinars, as well as a speaker’s bureau. CLMA member laboratories provide online tutorials, fitting guides, and consultation.” (Daren Nygren, Custom Craft Lens Service)

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