Staff Training Materials

Welcome to the GP Lens Institute Staff Training module. A specialty contact lens practice is only as successful as a dedicated and knowledgeable staff. This module provides videos to assist in performing important tasks such as contact lens verification as well as patient education. A comprehensive “white paper” – which provides important information pertaining to caring for soft lenses, rigid gas permeable (GP) lenses, scleral lenses, and hybrid lenses – is intended to be a very good starting point in both understanding the available care regimens as well the information that would be invaluable in educating your contact lens-wearing patients.

The webinars included in this module allow you to customize your education to the area(s) you are most interested in. Forthcoming soon will be generic education booklets pertaining to new wearers of each of these types of contact lenses. On behalf of the CLMA member laboratories I hope you find the resources in this module to be beneficial in your knowledge of contact lenses and their care.

Ed Bennett, OD, MSEd, FAAO, FSLS
Executive Director, GP Lens Institute

  1. Introduction
  2. Front Desk/Reception
  3. Pre-Testing/Scribe
  4. GP Lens Verification: The Lensometer
  5. GP Lens Verification: The Radiuscope
  6. Patient Training/CL Class
  7. Check-Out/Follow-Up
  8. White Paper: GP, Hybrid, and Custom Soft Lens Care and Patient Education
  9. Generic GP Lens Care Patient Brochure
  10. GP Lens Insertion and Removal Instruction

Staff-Friendly Webinars

Special COVID-19 Webinar: Today’s Contact Lens Challenges Bring Tomorrow’s Practice Advantages: Dr. Ed Bennett, Dr. Jeffrey Sonsino, and Dr. Susan Resnick (April 2020)
GP Corneal and Scleral Lens Care Update: Dr. Susan Gromacki (February 2020)
Myopia Control: Dr. Jeff Walline (January 2019)
Specialty Contact Lens Coding and Billing Update: Clarke Newman, OD (September 2018)
Also please see the Coding and Billing Resources page.
GP Corneal and Scleral Lens Care Update: Michael Ward, FCLSA, FAAO (February 2018)
Corneal and Scleral GP Care Update: Michael Ward, FCLSA (April 2016)
Corneal Reshaping: What the Latest Research Means for Your Patients and YOU: Michael Lipson, OD (June 2016)
Custom Soft Lens Update: Roxanna Potter, OD (November 2016)
Specialty Contact Lens Care: Dr. Susan Gromacki (February 2015)
Scleral Lens Fitting for Healthy Eyes: Astigmatic and Presbyopic Applications: Dr. Melissa Barnett and Dr. Stephanie Woo (March 2015)
GP and Custom Soft Multifocal Lens Update 2015: Dr. Doug Benoit (April 2015)
1-2-3 GP: GP Lenses for Corneal Reshaping, Scleral Lenses and Multifocals: How to Incorporate GPs to Build Your Practice: Dr. Michael Lipson (May 2015)
How to Effectively Promote and Market Your Specialty Contact Lens Practice: Dr. Roxanna Potter (June 2015)
Custom Soft Lens Update: Dr. Susan Resnick (August 2015)
Myopia Control 2015: Jeffrey J. Walline, OD PhD (October 2015)
Contemporary Scleral Lens Applications in: 1) Ocular Surface Disease and 2) Lens Care: Michael Ward, FCLSA, FAAO (December 2015)
Custom Soft Lens Applications for the High Astigmat: Dr. Stephanie Woo (February 2014)
Scleral GP Contact Lens Insertion, Removal and Care: Dr. Susan Gromacki (March 2014)
Basic Clinical Considerations for Scleral Lens Fitting: Dr. Mile Brujic and Dr. Dave Kading (July 2014)
Incorporating Scleral Lenses into Your Practice: Dr. Derek Louie (February 2013)
GP Corneal and Scleral Lens Care: Michael Ward (May 2013)
Specialty Contact Lens Practice Management: Dr. Roxanna Potter (May 2013)
Talking to Patients (and Parents) About Orthokeratology: Dr. Michael Lipson (June 2013)
Hybrid and Custom Soft Lens Applications: Dr. Jason Jedlicka (July 2013)
Corneal Reshaping Update: Craig Norman, FCLSA (November 2013)
Optimizing Initial Comfort of GP Lenses: Dr. Ed Bennett (January 2012)
Scleral Lens Design: Dr. Christine Sindt (February 2012)