85+ Archived Webinars Will Hone Your Specialty Lens Skills

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CE indicates that one hour of COPE-approved continuing education credit is available for the webinar. To register for CE credit, please fill out this form, which you may either fax or mail to the GP Lens Institute with your payment. Then you will receive the CE test. The cost is $25 per webinar, of which $5 will be donated to Optometry Giving Sight.

2019 Webinars

Myopia Control: Dr. Jeff Walline (January 2019)
Technology Applications in Specialty Contact Lens Practice: Dr. John Gelles (February 2019)
GP Multifocal Fitting and Applications: Dr. Thomas Quinn (March 2019)
Scleral Lenses and Technology Advancements: Dr. Maria Walker and Dr. Karen Lee (April 2019)
Mastering, Managing, and Marketing Your GP Lens Practice: Dr. Susan Resnick and Dr. Priya Patel (May 2019)
Important But Under-Utilized GP Applications: Dr. Roxanna Potter (June 2019)
Overnight Orthokeratology Today: Dr. Melanie Frogozo (July 2019)
Post-Surgical Contact Lens Update: Dr. Clark Chang and Dr. Jeffrey Sonsino (August 2019)
Wavefront-Guided Contact Lenses: Dr. Matt Kauffman and Dr. Jason Marsack (September 2019)
Management of the Irregular Cornea: Dr. Karen DeLoss (October 2019)
GP Material Interactions: Dr. Robert Grohe (November 2019)
Custom Soft Lens Design and Fitting: Mark Andre, FCLSA, FAAO (December 2019)

2018 Webinars

GP Multifocal Patient Selection, Fitting, and Problem-Solving: Dr. Brooke Messer (January 2018)
GP Corneal and Scleral Lens Care Update: Michael Ward, FCLSA, FAAO (February 2018)
GP Toric Lens Design and Fitting: Dr. Tom Quinn (March 2018)
Amniotic Membrane Fitting and Follow-Up Care: Dr. Stephanie Woo (April 2018)
Custom Soft Lens Update: Dr. Beth Kinoshita and Dr. Matt Lampa (May 2018)
Contact Lens Fitting in Keratoconus Post Surgery: Dr. John Gelles (June 2018)
Incorporating Myopia Control into Clinical Practice: Dr. Maria Walker (July 2018)
The Added Value of Hybrids to You and Your Patients: Dr. Jeff Sonsino (August 2018)
Specialty Contact Lens Coding and Billing Update: Dr. Clarke Newman (September 2018)
Scleral Lens Troubleshooting: Dr. Tom Arnold (October 2018)
Overnight Orthokeratology Lens Design, Fitting, and Problem-Solving: Dr. Bruce Williams (November 2018)
Scleral Lens Grand Rounds: Dr. Robert Ensley (December 2018)

2017 Webinars

CE Scleral Lens Fitting to Optimize Corneal Physiology: Dr. Langis Michaud and Dr. John Gelles (January 2017)
  Incorporating Technology into Specialty Contact Lens Practice: Dr. Barry Eiden (February 2017)
  The Lost Art of Corneal GP Fitting: Buddy Russell, FCLSA (March 2017)
  Specialty GP Case Grand Rounds: Dr. Matt Kauffman (April 2017)
  GP Correction of Presbyopia: Dr. Jason Jedlicka (May 2017)
  Corneal and Scleral Contact Lens Care Update: Dr. Susan Gromacki (June 2017)
  Amniotic Membrane and Specialty Soft Lens Update: Dr. Stephanie Woo (July 2017)
  How to Optimize Contact Lens Comfort: Dr. Mile Brujic and Dr. David Kading (August 2017)
  Clinical Controversies with Scleral Lenses and Their Management: Pat Caroline, COT, FCLSA (September 2017)
  Myopia Control Update: Dr. Jeff Walline (October 2017)
  Scleral Lens Update: Dr. Muriel Schornack (November 2017)
  Getting Started with Orthokeratology in Your Practice: Dr. Melanie Frogozo (December 2017)

2016 Webinars

Emerging Technologies to Improve Your Success with Hybrids and Sclerals: Dr. Jeffrey Sonsino (January 2016)
Scleral Lenses: The Oasis for Dry Eye: Dr. Melissa Barnett (February 2016)
Anterior to Posterior Corneal Considerations after Keratoplasty: Impact on Contact Lens Fitting: Dr. Loretta Szczotka-Flynn (March 2016)
Corneal and Scleral GP Care Update: Michael Ward, FCLSA (April 2016)
The Game Plan for Managing Patients with Ocular Discomfort: Art Epstein, OD (May 2016)
Corneal Reshaping: What the Latest Research Means for Your Patients and YOU: Michael Lipson, OD (June 2016)
How to Be Successful with GP Multifocal Lenses: Brooke Messer, OD (July 2016)
New Technology Applications in Contact Lens Practice: Rob Davis, OD (September 2016)
Specialty Contact Lens Case Grand Rounds: Stephanie Woo, OD (October 2016)
Custom Soft Lens Update: Roxanna Potter, OD (November 2016)
Scleral Lenses: Update on Research, Fitting and Design: Greg DeNaeyer, OD (December 2016)

2015 Webinars

Ocular Wellness and GP Lenses: Dr. Jack Schaeffer (January 2015)
Specialty Contact Lens Care: Dr. Susan Gromacki (February 2015)
Scleral Lens Fitting for Healthy Eyes: Astigmatic and Presbyopic Applications: Dr. Melissa Barnett and Dr. Stephanie Woo (March 2015)
GP and Custom Soft Multifocal Lens Update 2015: Dr. Doug Benoit (April 2015)
1-2-3 GP: GP Lenses for Corneal Reshaping, Scleral Lenses and Multifocals: How to Incorporate GPs to Build Your Practice: Dr. Michael Lipson (May 2015)
How to Effectively Promote and Market Your Specialty Contact Lens Practice: Dr. Roxanna Potter (June 2015)
Ocular Surface Considerations for Custom Contact Lens Care: Dr. Mile Brujic and Dr. Dave Kading (July 2015)
Custom Soft Lens Update: Dr. Susan Resnick (August 2015)
Contact Lens Fitting After Corneal Crosslinking and Intacs: Dr. Clark Chang (September 2015)
Myopia Control 2015: Jeffrey J. Walline, OD PhD (October 2015)
Specialty GP Applications: Fine-Tuning Scleral Lens Fits and Building Your Cornea-Reshaping Lens Practice: Jason Jedlicka, OD (November 2015)
Contemporary Scleral Lens Applications in: 1) Ocular Surface Disease and 2) Lens Care: Michael Ward, FCLSA, FAAO (December 2015)

2014 Webinars

Scleral Lens Fitting and Troubleshooting for Ocular Surface Disease: Dr. Melissa Barnett (January 2014)
Custom Soft Lens Applications for the High Astigmat: Dr. Stephanie Woo (February 2014)
Scleral GP Contact Lens Insertion, Removal and Care: Dr. Susan Gromacki (March 2014)
GP Multifocals for the Irregular Cornea: Dr. Doug Benoit (April 2014)
GP Multifocal Fitting and Troubleshooting: Dr. Brooke Messer (May 2014)
Contact Lens Management of the Irregular Cornea: Case Grand Rounds: Michael Ward, FCLSA (June 2014)
Basic Clinical Considerations for Scleral Lens Fitting: Dr. Mile Brujic and Dr. Dave Kading (July 2014)
Management of Common Scleral Lens Problems: Dr. Stephen Byrnes (August 2014)
Fitting Strategies for Keratoconus: New Options: Dr. Michael Lipson (October 2014)
GP and Hybrid Case Grand Rounds: Dr. Robert Davis and Dr. Bruce Anderson (November 2014)
Bitoric GP Lens Design and Fitting: Dr. Ed Bennett (December 2014)

2013 Webinars

GP Multifocal Lens Design, Fitting & Troubleshooting: Dr. Ed Bennett (January 2013)
Incorporating Scleral Lenses into Your Practice: Dr. Derek Louie (February 2013)
GP Corneal and Scleral Lens Care: Michael Ward (May 2013)
Specialty Contact Lens Practice Management: Dr. Roxanna Potter (May 2013)
Talking to Patients (and Parents) About Orthokeratology: Dr. Michael Lipson (June 2013)
Hybrid and Custom Soft Lens Applications: Dr. Jason Jedlicka (July 2013)
Scleral Lens Fitting and Troubleshooting: Dr. Greg DeNaeyer (August 2013)
Corneal Transplantation — From Surgery to Contact Lens Fitting: Dr. Loretta Szczotka-Flynn (September 2013)
Clinical Decision-Making for Keratoconus and Corneal Ectasia: Dr. Barry Eiden (October 2013)
Corneal Reshaping Update: Craig Norman, FCLSA (November 2013)
GP Management of Corneal Pathology Case Grand Rounds: Dr. Marlane Brown (December 2013)

2012 Webinars

Optimizing Initial Comfort of GP Lenses: Dr. Ed Bennett (January 2012)
Scleral Lens Design: Dr. Christine Sindt (February 2012)
CL Management of the Irregular Cornea: Dr. Scott Edmonds (March 2012)
Aspheric Multifocals & GP Lens Management of Presbyopia: Dr. Doug Benoit (May 2012)
Problem Solving in Overnight Corneal Reshaping: Dr. Michael Lipson (June 2012)
Hybrid, Pillow Translating GP Lenses: Dr. Robert Davis (November 2012)
GPLI Practice Management: An MBA Perspective: Dr. Raymond Brill (December 2012)

2011 Webinars

Management of the Irregular Cornea Patient: Dr. Greg DeNaeyer (May 2011)
Correcting Astigmatism with RGPs: Dr. Clarke Newman (November 2011)
GP Challenges: Grand Rounds: Dr. S. Barry Eiden (December 2011)